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  • Haiti – Agriculture : Start of construction of a 5 km irrigation canal in Malfety

    Launch of construction work on an irrigation canal in Malfety (2nd communal section of Bayaha, Fort-Liberté) intended for the irrigation of 7,000 hectares of agricultural land. This important agricultural infrastructure of approximately 5 km long, 1.5 m wide and 90 cm deep will run from Garate to...
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  • Remote weather stations set up in Lahaina and Malaya to monitor fire conditions

    A remote automatic weather station was recently installed in Lahaina. PC: Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources. Recently, remote automatic weather stations have been installed in areas of Lahaina and Maalaya, where tussocks are vulnerable to wildfires. The technology allows the Hawaii ...
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  • NRCS Idaho aims to equip more SNOTEL sites with soil-moisture sensors

    Plans to eventually equip all snowpack telemetry stations in Idaho to measure soil moisture could help water-supply forecasters and farmers. USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service operates 118 full SNOTEL stations that take automated measurements of accumulated precipitation, snow-water eq...
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  • EPA rule to slash toxic pollution will affect 80 Texas plants

    More than 200 chemical manufacturing plants nationwide — including dozens in Texas along the Gulf Coast — will be required to reduce toxic emissions that could cause cancer for people who live nearby under a new Environmental Protection Agency rule announced Tuesday. These facilities use hazardo...
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  • Floods, landslides hit as Indonesia enters rainy season.

    Many regions have been seeing a greater frequency of severe weather compared to previous years, with an increase in landslides as result. Monitoring the open channel water level & water flow speed & water flow–radar level sensor for Floods, landslides:   A woman sits on Jan. ...
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  • Soil Sensors: Definition, Types, and Benefits

      Soil sensors are one solution that has proven its merit on smaller scales and could become invaluable for agricultural purposes. What Are Soil Sensors? Sensors track soil conditions, enabling real-time data collection and analysis. Sensors can track almost any soil characteristic, like the...
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  • Soil moisture sensors focus of irrigation research

    With drought years starting to outnumber the years of plentiful rainfall in the lower Southeast, irrigation has become more of a necessity than a luxury, prompting growers to seek more efficient ways of determining when to irrigate and how much to apply, such as using soil moisture sensors. Resea...
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  • Farmers tampered with rain gauges to fraudulently collect insurance money

    They cut wires, poured silicone and loosened bolts — all to keep federal rain gauges empty in a moneymaking scheme. Now, two Colorado farmers owe millions of dollars for tampering. Patrick Esch and Edward Dean Jagers II pleaded guilty late last year to a charge of conspiring to harm government pr...
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  • The rugged, low-cost sensor uses satellite signals to monitor water levels.

    Water level sensors play an important role in rivers, warning of flooding and unsafe recreational conditions. They say that the new product is not only stronger and more reliable than others, but also significantly cheaper. Scientists at the University of Bonn in Germany say traditional water lev...
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