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Water Pollution


Water pollution is a huge problem today. But through monitoring the quality of various natural waters and drinking water, harmful effects on the environment and human health can be reduced and the efficiency of drinking water treatment optimized.

To achieve this, various guidelines laid out in official ecological and drinking water quality regulations must be fulfilled. The requirements for process engineering and water quality control are increasing.

Reliable measuring stations that continuously supply data are therefore an essential component for dynamic process control and continuous monitoring of water quality. To ensure that water is of good quality, it must be permanently monitored. This is achieved by means of sensors.

According to your use scenario and needs, HONDETECH will provide you with the corresponding solution, in order to meet your needs, we have developed a variety of styles of water quality sensor, can integrate LORA LORAWAN GPRS WIFI 4G,HONGDTETCH can provide server and software, Can view data on mobile phone and PC.

♦ PH
♦ EC
♦ Temperature

♦ Turbidity

♦ Dissolved oxygen
♦ Residual chlorine

Post time: Jun-14-2023