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Water Dissolved CO2 Sensor

Short Description:

The sensor can measure both the content of carbon dioxide in water and the content of carbon dioxide in soil. It uses a patented optical cavity, advanced light source and dual-channel detector,Accurate measurement.And we can also integrate all kinds of wireless module including the GPRS/4G/WIFI/LORA/LORAWAN and the matched server and software which you can see the real time data in the PC end.

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Product features

Product characteristics

●Can measure carbon dioxide content in water and soil
●High precision and high sensitivity
●Fast response and low power consumption
●Long lasting
●LORA LORAWAN WIFI 4G GPRS can be integrated, and the data can be viewed on the mobile phone and PC.

Product application

Mainly used in aquaculture ,Water quality monitoring
Environmental monitoring of agricultural greenhouses,Solution analysis ,Pharmaceutical,Environmental monitoring ,Food and drink

Product parameters

Product name Dissolved carbon dioxide sensor
Measuring range 2000 ppm(Others can be customized)
Measuring accuracy ±(20PPM+5%reading)
Measuring resolution 1ppm
Operating temperature -20-60℃
Operating humidity 0-90%RH
Operating pressure 0.8-1.2atm
Power Supply 9-24VDC



Signal output

Analog voltage output
IIC output
AURT output
PWM output
RS485 output 4-20mA
Match cloud server and software Support
Application Aquaculture

Water quality monitoring

Environmental monitoring of agricultural greenhouses

Solution analysis


Environmental monitoring

Food and drink


Q: What are the main features of this product?
A: It is a high-precision dissolved carbon dioxide sensor that monitors the concentration of carbon dioxide in real time through remote communication.

Q: What is its principle?
A: It uses the NDIR infrared absorption detection principle.

Q: What is the signal output of the sensor?
A: Output signal: analog voltage output, IIC output, UART output, PWM output, RS485/4-20mA output.

Q: How do I collect data?
Answer: You can use your own data logger or wireless transmission module. If you have one, we provide RS485-Mudbus communication protocol. We can also provide supporting LORA/LORANWAN/GPRS/4G wireless transmission modules.

Q: Can you provide a data logger?
A: Yes, we can provide matching data loggers and screens to display real-time data, or store the data in excel format in a USB flash drive.

Q: Can you provide cloud servers and software?
A: Yes, if you buy our wireless module, we have matching cloud server and software. You can view real-time data or download historical data in excel format in the software.

Q: Where can this product be applied?
Answer: This product is widely used in aquaculture, water quality monitoring, environmental monitoring of agricultural greenhouses solution analysis, pharmaceutical environmental monitoring,food and drink.

Q: How can I get samples or place an order?
A: Yes, we have materials in stock, which can help you get samples as soon as possible. If you want to place an order, just click on the banner below and send us an inquiry.

Q: What is the delivery time?
A: Usually, the goods will be shipped within 1-3 working days after receiving your payment. But it depends on your quantity.

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